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This website has been independently funded and operated by a team of NRSCCA members since its creation in 2003.  Our team members range in length of membership from a low of 27 years to a high of 48 years with a combined total of 177 years of membership.

Our team has been twice honored by the Nebraska Region SCCA.  Our first honor came in 2003 when we received the Woody Dunn Memorial trophy for outstanding contribution to the Region and our second honor came in 2015 when we received the R.J. Wilson Memorial Sponsors Cup for being a regular supporter of the Region.  Our thanks to those who felt our contributions worthy of merit.

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This site has been designed to work on any size screen.  Newsletters, photos, reprints and some of the other documents are in PDF format.  We suggest a larger screen or a wi-fi connection to view the information in the PDFs.

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Our Purpose

The purpose of this website is to both preserve and share the 60+ years of history of the members of the Nebraska Region Sports Car Club of America.  The size of this site at its "completion" (which most of the current History Team will not live to see) will be nothing short of staggering.

The purpose isn't just to present the cold historical facts of when we were founded and the names of the founding members, although that information is included.  It also isn't just a list of who won the annual awards for the past 60 plus years, but that information can be found here as well.

This is a place to once again see the smiling, youthful faces of friends who have grown old; to fondly remember those who have passed on, vehicles that rusted away, and event locations that are no longer available.  It is a place to read stories that have been passed down for generations, but this time in the words of the people who were actually there.

This website, however, is not the least bit useful for current members who want to find out their standing in this year's activity points, and there is no information about the next event or how to join the Nebraska Region SCCA.  If you want current information, please visit http://nrscca.com/ and tell them we sent you.

We appreciate your visit, your bookmark, and, of course, your help!

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